Curtain Wall Systems

CWA 50

The CWA 50 facade system offers a variety of aesthetic solutions in different styles on horizontal and vertical lines in order to allow creativity. It also meets important technical requirements that improve the building’s living and working environment. For special architectural design concepts such as original surface covers or curved structures, the CWA 50 facade system offers customized solutions for every need. The facade system is compatible with other architectural systems, it allows the designer to offer a complete solution with infinite design freedom by providing the perfect integration of windows, doors and roof systems.

CWA 50


  • The CWA 50 EP curtain wall system provides ideal solutions for economical facade applications with minimum aluminium usage.
  • There are several vertical and horizontal profile designs with varying wall thicknesses and depths which can meet different static values.
  • With thermal insulated glazing frame profiles heat insulation performance has been moved to a high level.


  • The CWA 50 HV curtain wall hidden vent system harmoniously combines facade elements with a high degree of functionality and optimum thermal insulation.
  • With a face width of just 50 mm opening units are indistinguishable from the outside.
  • Hidden vent applications are available for cover cap, semi-cover cap and silicone curtain wall systems.
  • It provides natural ventilation with turn and tilt opening vent application which can be opened up to 90 degrees.
    With the concealed hinge application to the heat-insulated vents a comfortable and aesthetic image is obtained.


  • Provides solutions for elegant, all-glass facade building envelope with large units high quality in both architecture and technology.
  • The CWA 50 SG curtain wall system is recommended for high-rise buildings.
  • The overall glazed appearance of the building allows it to be one of the architecturally most preferred systems.
  • The system increases the thermal insulation and acoustic performance values of the facade with the glazing options from 6 mm to 32 mm.
  • The detail of the vent profile provides a cost advantage.


  • The CWA 50 ST curtain wall system provides unique architectural solutions with innovative connecting technology.
  • The system preferred by construction authorities for steel profile applications has been developed as a support system for CWA 50 facades.
  • It provides secure, aesthetically worthy curtain wall modules with static performance 3 times higher than aluminum in areas with impressive entrances such as shopping mall entrances, hotel lobbies and restaurants.
  • The system offers solutions in a wide variety of design options.


  • The perfect combination of comfort and attraction: the thermally insulated timber add-on construction CWA 50 TM for cover cap, semi cover cap and silicone curtain wall systems, offers attractive options for harmonious architectural solutions.
  • System can be combined with natural wood substructures in wide facade openings.
  • The thermally insulated timber add-on CWA 50 TM constructions represent the perfect combination of hi-tech features with attractive comfort.
  • With the compatibility of Kayra Metal window and door insert units the system provides additional architectural freedom.

SA 65

  • SA 65 skylight system allows skylights of very varied design to be constructed efficiently and reliably.
  • SA 65 skylight system, named after it’s 65 mm profile width, is a steel reinforced system.
  • The skylight system with cover cap, semi-cover cap and silicone application details is suitable for the need and used area.
  • The condensate channels which are specially designed for the system, provide the highest performance by draining the condensation water which may occure.
Sky Light System