Sliding Systems

SLA 60

  • SLA 60 sliding system offers unlimited design freedom for architects with it’s different rail options, use of corner link and manual mechanism features.
  • It is recomended for the warm climate conditions.
  • Attractive sliding system with panoramic design can be used in warm climate zones and indoors.
  • In the standard design, door vent carrying capacity is max. 150 kg.
  • A further, flyscreen application ensure a high level of comfort with its elegant design.
SLA 60


  • SLAT 64 is an insulated sliding system with a 18 mm heat barrier, which allows for the application of a fixed glazing at the upper part.
  • With its economial and aesthetical design it is the preferred system of hotel projects.
  • In the standard design the vent carrying capacity is max. 150 kg.
  • Double rail and three rail options allow the system for up to 6 sliding vents.

SAT 120 LS

  • SAT 120 LS system for transparent architecture with maximum comfort, maximum design-compatibility.
  • The highly thermally insulated SAT 120 LS system suits to luxury homes and large projects.
  • The system offers an attractive design with lift & slide mechanism options.
  • SAT 120 LS profile system door vent size can be installed up to 3,500 mm high as lift-and-slide door.
  • Door vent carrying capacity is max. 400 kg.
  • The system offers multipoint locking as security.
  • The use of additional barrel locking will increase safety.
Insulated Sliding System
Insulated Sliding System

SAT 120 S

  • SAT 120 S system which can be applied up to 250 kg vent weight, is a high performance system, designed as sliding doors.
  • The sliding door system creates large opening widths with outstanding user comfort.
  • Perfect for use as a high quality system solution for commercial projects and luxury residences.
  • The system offers multipoint locking as security.
  • In addition, the system provides high level comfort with its elegant flyscreen design.

SSA 120

  • SSA 120 glass sliding system is designed to produce suitable architectural solutions and transparent transition areas for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bakeries.
  • Vents are opened and closed sequentially in form of collecting to each other.
  • The SSA 120 glass sliding system is the ideal solution for projects requiring wide spans with minimal aluminium sight lines.
  • The system is applied as standard 3 or 5 vents.
  • Vents can be collected to the left or right as desired.
SSA 120